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Secret Sake Party -KAMOIZUMI-


Nigori Ginjo

This premium unfiltered sake is rich, creamy and brimming with exuberant natural flavor.
Mildly sweet, yet surprisingly robust, it is an excellent introduction to the world of sake enjoyment.


Red Maple

This is a new sake style—unpasteurized, undiluted and aged two years at 5° Centigrade.
Rich, satisfying flavor that improves with age. Enjoy neat, or over a single ice cube.



Brewed in 1997 and imbued with light golden color, Sachi reverberates with deep flavors of plum and molasses. Even more remarkable are its clarity and balance, on magnificent display after 18 years of aging.



A wild card in the sake deck, Kamoizumi has a woodsy, forest-floor aroma of fall leaves and mushrooms. There is a lot to explore in this big-boned sake, served either cool or warm.



Sweetness, acidity and piquant plum flavor distinguish this lovely low-alcohol aperitif. Green plums provide the tartness, artisan rocksugar the sweetness and pure junmai sake the satisfying balance and smoothness.